USB power cable (DC5V - DC9V/DC12V)


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Sometimes our house will be a blackout, at this time there is no router power supply, we can not access to the internet, but if we have this product, we can solve this puzzle. This is a boost USB cable, 5V power supply can be boosted to 9V, then if used with a mobile power charger, it can be a normal power supply to the router. Simple to use but practical products. And we also supply 5v to 12V cable for your project. You can choose anyone you want.


  • USB input voltage: 5V
  • DC output voltage: 9V/12V
  • DC plug size: 5.5mm(Outside Diameter)*2.1mm(Inside diameter)
  • Cable length:1M

Package list

  • USB Booster Cable (DC5V To DC9V/DC12V) x 1

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